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Once a year, Ben and Jerry’s gives away ice cream at its scoop shops free.

fcdheader2TODAY’S THE DAY!

In the U.S. and Canada, find your nearest scoop shop here.

Overseas, give one of these two links a try:  1, 2.  (You’ve got a chance if you’re in Aruba, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, or the UK.)


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I recently discovered a post by the folks over at SkyScanner entitled Satellite Airports – do you know where you’re going?  While I know that Schoenefeld Airport lies 17 rather than 71 km from Berlin, I did think the *idea* was a good one; nevertheless, the chart needed more information:  HOW do you get to and from the airport, HOW MUCH additional money will you shell out to get there, HOW MUCH LONGER will it take you to get to/from a more remote airport?  This is the information you really need in order to make an informed choice about whether or not that bargain airfare is as cheap as you think it is.

So without further ado, the first in a two-part series of charts outlining the nitty-gritty of how, how much and how much longer, today in Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Italy, UK and Poland:

Charleroi Brussels 47 Charter bus, local bus/train  €13; €10.50 60, 20+50
Skavsta Stockholm 106 Charter bus, local bus/bustrain SEK 150; SEK 21+89-135  80, 20+60-85
Torp Oslo 86 Charter bus, train NOK 180; from NOK 199 110
Bergamo Milan 47 Charter bus, local bus/train  €8; €1.65+4.10  60, 30+60
Ciampino Rome 38  Charter bus (1, 2), local bus/train, local bus/subway from €5-8; €1+1.30; €1.20+1  40-45, 5+15, 15+25
Pisa Florence 70 Charter bus, (local bus/)train €8; €(0.95+)5.60  70; (5+)65
Treviso Venice 31  Charter bus, local bus/train  €6; €1+2.35  70, 15+35
Forli Bologna 67  Charter bus (1, 2), local bus/train €10-12; €3.50+3.90  85, 15+60
Stansted London 56  Charter bus (1, 2), express train from £2-8; from £14  75, 45
Luton London 52  Charter bus (1, 2), express train (1, 2) from £7-10; £10-11  70, 25-35
Katowice Krakow 100  Charter bus (1, 2local bus/bus (1, 2)-train 44 zl; 20 zl + 12-16 zl 120, 50+70-100 

If you have a request for information about a mystery airport, send it along post-haste, via comment or email, and I’ll include it in the next chart.

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Welcome to the fifth Travel on a Shoestring Carnival for Europe. Here you’ll find European travel tips for those without a lot of money to spend.

Photographic inspiration this week comes from yours truly, one of the many intricate details I captured (in this case, a carved door) in June at the Alhambra in Granada, Spain.

If you’re headed to Spain in August, you’ll want to pop over to Karen Bryan at Europe a la Carte Blog who has a lead on 10 Euro Spanish Saver Rooms from Travelodge.  (I’m surprised no one commented the rooms are so cheap because — as I was told by locals on my trip in June — August is simply too hot to enjoy traveling there!  Make sure that room has air conditioning, I guess.)

Just a hop, skip and a jump away is lovely Lisbon.  Pennypinchers will welcome Kristie‘s advice on Where To Stay In Lisbon, Portugal posted at Norway – An American In Oslo.

If you find yourself on your last krona before flying home, Anna Etmanska gives the lowdown on overnight options at Stockholm’s Arlanda airport in Shopping and Sleeping Part 2 at Budget Trouble.

The Amateur Traveler updates us on what’s new from the road in England and Greece Revisited – Episode 138

Carter Dougherty outlines how to get away from the city for a perfect Riesling in Frankfurt, Wine and the Rheingau at IHT Globespotters Blog.

If you’d rather drink with your eyes, take a tip from Sheila Scarborough and head to Belgium to enjoy Artful color: Carpet of Flowers in Brussels at Perceptive Travel Blog.

EuroCheapo Blog has had some great guest posts on getting around Europe cheaply on trains.  You’ll want to check out both European rail passes: Read this before you buy and France Night Train Alert: €15 couchettes through July 14.

Wrapping up, it seems that everyone’s got Paris on the brain.   NYT travel writer Elaine Sciolino presents Hidden Gardens of Paris and Budget Travel’s This Just In had an article by Laurie Pike on Affordable Europe:  In Paris, Secret Spots for Visitors.  When you’re knackered and longing for a taste of home, Joe Schmid of the IHT Globespotters Blog can help you out with his article Parisburgers: Finding the Great American Meal in France.

Thanks to everyone for contributing! If you’d like to see your post on budget European travel in August’s carnival, submit using our online form. Next week, we’ll be back to North America, Central America and the Caribbean. Submit your posts for that carnival before next Wednesday!

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I returned from my second trip to Sweden last week and gathered a few more tips for no-budget travelers headed to Stockholm via Nyköping (Skavsta Airport). Find them after the jump.


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I know it seems like we just got back (here too, here too), but the blog’s off again . . . this time to Sweden, land of the suitcase-thieving dwarves?  Just another reason to keep your suitcase locked anytime it’s out of your hands.  Thanks to Courtney for the tip!  Back Wednesday.

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In August I posted a request for reader tips to the high-budget destinations of London and Stockholm. To the worthy advice of my readers on the former, I add my own observations following my recent travels to both.


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Three days in Stockholm, including flights to/from Berlin, cost me 800 SKR. How did I do it? I lay my budget bare after the jump.


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