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Greetings fellow travelers and welcome to this week’s Carnival of Cities. I’m happy to be your host as we jet around the world following tales of tapioca, tumbling and taxidermy. Intrigued? Read on . . .

New York City, NY, USA: Sascha Zuger from Travel Savvy Mom scoops a great hotel package, describes her run-in with Sesame Street’s Gordon and highlights the Kids’ Night on Broadway offer in her post Broadway, Baby!

Rome, Italy: speaking of perfect hotels, Mara at Mother of All Trips has identified a real winner for young families near the Coliseum in her post Mondays Are for Dreaming: Hotel Lancelot.

Naples, Italy: Karen Landes is blogging at WhyGo Italy on the shades of life on display when slicing Naples in two in the post Spaccanapoli: Naples’ Historic Main Street.

Washington, DC, USA: Jon at The DC Traveler gives us a peek at the folks folding themselves in half and risking their lives nightly for our enjoyment when he goes Backstage at Cirque du Soleil KOOZA.

San Francisco, CA, USA: DFernandez takes us along on a twisty insider tour of his favorite tourist spots in The (Crooked) Road Not Taken at You’re So City.

London, UK: Caitlin at Roaming Tales is serving up top tips for London’s East End — not the least of which is where you may spot folk-dancing squirrels selling high-end clothes . . . Check out her post A Stroll through London’s Quirky East End for directions, or simply let your badger on a leash lead the way!

Prescott, AZ, USA: Granny J takes in an impressive number of public scupltures in Prescott’s Heroic Bronzes at Walking Prescott.

Dublin, Ireland: A detail on the airport wall caught the eye of Fin Keegan in the post Bitter in the End.

Dresden, Germany: You’d have to be blind to miss the detail on the tiled wall called the Procession of Princes in my post Saturday Photo Friday #4 here at Less Than a Shoestring.

Bangkok, Thailand: The news about hundreds of air passengers stranded as rebels seize the airport putting your Thai travel plans on hold? Conan Stevens serves up a perspective on the impact of the foreign spender in Is Thailand Safe to Travel in Now?

Shanghai, China: Our benevolent leader Sheila Scarborough gives us the scoop on a bubble tea chain discovered in China which has a branch in — no joke — Albuquerque in the post Stop into China’s rbt for Tea and Juice Drinks at the Family Travellogue.

Mexico City, Mexico: Gilocafe has a video to share from their visit to Teotihuacan Pyramids: Mexico City, Mexico.

Kanyakumari, India: Maneesh of Admirable India shares his photos from two museum visits in the post Trip to Kanyakumari: Chapter 2: Wandering Monk Exhibition, Kanyakumari and Government Museum, Kanyakumari: Part 1.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: Jason Sarracini of Trip Quips gives a quick resort tip for a stay on the island.

That concludes this week’s Carnival — the next Carnival of Cities will be hosted by the friendly folks at UpTake. Submit your (one, non-spammy) blog post about any aspect of ONE city to the next edition before next Tuesday using the carnival submission form. If you like these posts, try browsing the extensive Carnival of Cities archives.

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A short warning from the road for anyone who may be considering booking cheap flights to Cornwall: the Newquay airport charges an extra £5 tax on departures which is 1) neither included in your ticket price 2) nor avoidable, as you must present your paid receipt in order to go through security. The fee must be paid at one of two ticket machines in the tiny check-in area.

I find this a dishonest tactic, though it sadly appears it may become a trend across the UK and Ireland. According to the article, Norwich airport has introduced a £3 fee for adults and £1 for children under 15 (at Newquay, all passengers under 16 are not charged a fee). The informational flyer on this “development fee” from Newquay suggests that Knock and Kerry airports in Ireland are also considering adding such fees. In fact, the Knock airport website states that passengers will now pay an additional €10 fee! Have you run into these surprise taxes anywhere else? Leave a comment below!

Airlines flying into Newquay have reduced flights and criticized the airport in response to the tax, which was introduced in 2005. They argue it is unfair to passengers and goes against the principles of all-inclusive pricing in air tickets — and I am inclined to agree. How can a customer fairly compare options when such taxes fly under the radar? And while £5 won’t break the bank, it certainly seems large, given the €1.51 fare I paid — effectively quintupling the price of my ticket! I encourage anyone disagreeing with such policies of an airport to be certain to file a complaint, either by letter or comment card.


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. . . on St. Patrick’s Day. Put on a little green, have yourself a corned beef and drink a pint of Guinness. Or better yet, sit down this evening with a big bowl of popcorn and watch The Fugitive. (Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks of that movie on this holiday. Get the full story here.)

Last year I was in Dublin for St. Patty’s Day and was disappointed to report that the Liffey is no longer dyed green. If you want to see that, you’ll have to make like Richard Kimble and head for Chicago!

For those readers who’ve commented that learning certain key phrases in the language makes traveling easier and helps smooth relations with the locals, here’s one you can practice before your next trip to Ireland:

When Irish Arse Are Smiling

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig!

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