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Most tourists tramping through Europe to conquer the must-see sights are likely surprised when they get to Pisa, Italy. With our singular focus on the tower (do you hear me, ladies?), many are caught unaware that it is part of a larger architectural ensemble and is in fact dwarfed by the huge cathedral and baptistry right next to it. Take it from the no-budget traveler: the cathedral is actually a far better investment of your tourist time and dollar! By all means, take the requisite photos holding up the Leaning Tower to show to Mom and Dad, but give yourself at least an hour to explore the intricacies and artwork of the lovely, massive cathedral.

I’ve visited hundreds of churches, but the inside of the Pisa Cathedral is a spectacular one worthy of the admission fee:

Glorious — heavenly, even! And you’ll appreciate the cool reprieve from the hot summer sun and the Africans hocking watches.

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