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Hundreds of museums across the U.S. have signed on to grant free admission to visitors this Saturday, Sept. 27, led by Smithsonian magazine and the organization’s affiliate museums.  You can check the list of offerings by searching your state here.

For you and a guest to qualify, fill out this online form and print the subsequent “card.”  Turn in this card at the museum of your choosing.  (NB: take a copy of the card for each museum you intend to visit.)

Art, science and history museums and even gardens and arboreta are represented, so there is something for everyone.  With all the talk about the presidential race and tonight’s scheduled debate, perhaps you’d like a little historical perspective on the office of the President and the men behind the decisions that have shaped our country?  Check out the following museums, participating in Museum Day:

If you, your friends and your families participate, link back here with your review of the exhibit and your free day out!

Thanks to Amy @ The Q Family Adventure for the tip!

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